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Sticky Post

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learning goes on

so today i kept learning Jiggy but i got surprised
since its actually a lot harder than i thought it would be -,-

maybe its only 'cause there is no normal dance version or cover
anyway now i understand why wawa havent done jiggy's cover yet, its Freakin' hard!
i mean i managed to learn Brian's - In my head first strophe moves (its really awesome and it was so easy O.O)
and while practising Jiggy i learned about 2 to 3 new moves, pathetic.

and yes i know that in MV there is almost whole dance but still there are parts where member's faces are shown
i also have watched live performances but still its not helping

anyway i'll keep trying and im sure i'll learn it eventually
just that this will take longer than i thought


back to work

after some discussion Psy and i decided that first we should learn F.Cuz's Jiggy 'cause we are going to dance it during next Con.

so today i remembered what i knew already and started to learn further moves.
now i can dance the chorus part and a little bit of the begining.
at first i got stuck at some parts but when you get a hold of it, it gets easyer.

i'll try to keep up my i-so-want-to-learn-this-dance spirit and continue practising.



Triple B-day

i forgot to to write about SHEW's member's TRIPLE B-DAY!
actually it's kind of an old event but who cares.....

so my (<--- Yuuki's) b-day is on January 8th, Psy's b-day is on January 19th and London bridge's/ Kijin's (our third member) b-day is on January 25th.
since they are not so far apart we decided to celebrate them together
so we met by the Mcdonald and went to one of the japanese food retaurant "Osaka"
we had some sushi, ramen and ice-cream and it was really delicious though we were a bit dissapointed since the food was pricey and there wasnt that much of food but still it was awesome!
after that we went to Psy's place (agaaaaain -_-) and ate the cake which was shaped like a lady-bug xD and played with candles, one of them was starting to get annoying since it played "Happy b-day" song non stop xD

after that we were doing random stuff that we always do (im not going to go into details...)
about 3 a.m. (like usual) we decided to go to sleep. Kijin/ London bridge and i 'slept' on the floor. that was.................painful but very profitable experience xD and we were laughing non stop i dont know from what/who.

after the sleepless night we ate breakfast and again did all that random crap we usually do x3

in my opinion our celebration was pretty awesome xD we didnt do anything special i guess but it was awesome because of the people who were celebrating :)



Sooo SHEW is on hiatus for now since i (<---Yuuki) had some injuries,
but we sure as hell will make it up!

Psy, come back already!
there are some people missing you heeeeeeeeere!!!! and dont forget the souvenirs >xD

---- Yuuki


Super - New Year xD

Like everyone SHEW also celebrated New Year. The time we spent together was really fun.
We were doing all kind of stupid things at Psy's place. [thnx for inviting us Psy :3]
listening old music, dancing Suju's sorry sorry with various masks...... That was EPIC! xD
stuffing our stomachs with junk food, lighting up the sparklers and throwing them through balcony
Of course we watched the fireworks which were AMAZING *QQQ* and by amazing i mean AMAAAAAAAiiiiIZIIIIING xD
and we kept fooling around all night ^-^

now that was the best celebration i ever had :)

few days after our celebration Psy started learning The cursed Super girl dance and it was not bad.
We are making progress!!!! xD i myself can dance 1,15min of this dance
and this new year we will keep working hard ;3

GO SHEW!!!!!!!!!


The Cursed Dance O,O

so yesterday i started learning The Cursed SuJu-M dance - super girl and guess what it really is cursed!!!!!
just when i made the first moves i almost broke my finger! and thats not all T,T i ran a splinter in my foot and then after few moments i was lying flat on my back.....not bad huh -,-
i just hope that things like that wont keep happening :S

today i made some progress :3 *is proud of myself*
no bad things happened ...yet        yay!!!!! xD

anyway even though this dance is cursed and a bit tiring its still fun to learn it
the moves are not so hard....for now but maybe i dont really have the right to say that since i can dance only first 30 seconds >,>
but ill definitely learn it all! even if ill loose some fingers! xD


2nd Practice~ Merry Christmas~ xD

Hi hi!! Now Psy has learned Sorry Sorry til 2:26 . YAY PARTEY. I'm pooped. [<-- Psy.] And ofc Yuuki knows da whole dance. It wasn't easy -.-  [<--Yuuki]

AND we were doing smthn like a lottery to decide the next dance to learn. And after three Wrong Number desired hours, we chose our Top five. GUESS WHAT. Super Girl is like haunting us XD The lottery was like -  putting our whole dance list in Windows Media Player and setting it on shuffle. The song that plays twice is one of the top five. Cool huh, putting 50 dances on shuffle, waiting for smthn to play twice. Epic. XD
HOW was Super Girl haunting us? well it didn't play twice. It played thrice. And after choosing from a Top 10 a Top 5 - It played four times. It's like trying to tell us smthn , or I dunno..If we won't dance it right away smthn bad will happen XD Yea that's it. We rly wanted Wrong Number to play like 10 times so we continued the lottery for 3 hours. Yea. and anyway, want it or not. WRONG NUMBER IS SECOND~ Yea :3

So here's the Top Five:

1. Super Girl [Super Junior - M] (Duh, apocalypse will start if we don't dance it lol)
2. Wrong Number [DBSK]
3. My Color [2PM]
4. It's You [Super Junior]
5. Survivor [DBSK]

Yayayayay Wruuung Numbaaahhh~


1st normal practice session.

Ok, yay for our first normal practice today, or more like, Yuuki teached me lol, til...the tan tan tan bla bla part ^^ now all I ( Psy. ) need to do is practice practice practice to make the timing good and not screw the dance moves while Yuuki will learn everything else that comes after tan tan tan lol. XD

Plus we talked it over that the next dance should be Super Girl ^^ obviously SuJu is always in first place and after that maybe Candy To My Ears :3

ok so off I go...to practice!! Hwaiting!


Yuuki is here!

i REALLY enjoyed today xD i was laughing without stop. for that Thank you Tuna xD
and i didnt have to do anything (almost)cause Tuna learns really fast.
GREAT JOB today Tuna!!!!! ;3
i hope we will learn the other part and other dances just as fast xD


Screw the Intro, here's the Dance List >:3



Super Junior M

Super Girl

Super Junior

Sorry Sorry

It's U


Don't Don

A Man In Love

Why I Like You

Twins (Knock Out)

Dancing Out On The Edge



Ring Ding Dong




Ft. Lady Gaga - Just Dance from Gayo Daejun

Dong Bang Shink Ki

Wrong Number


Jung Ban Hap (O)


Summer Dream

Are You A Good Girl


My Color



10 points out of 10


Candy To My Ears - Baek Ji Young

Man Man Ha Ni - U-KISS

Please Don't Go - CL & MINZI

Chu - f(x)

LA ChA TA - f(x)

BoA - Eat You Up

SS501 - Love Like This

Daichi Miura - Inside Your Head

G-Dragon - A Boy

Big Bang - Gara Gara Go

Rain Is Falling - w-inds. ft. G-D

Super Lover - w-inds.

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

JYP - No Love No More

BEAST - Mystery

F.Cuz - Jiggy

Children of Empire [ZE:A] - Mazeltov


Wonder Girls - Tell Me

This means We already learned it xD

This means the dance is In Progress